Kisangiri Michael

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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is an important and exciting technology with great potential for application in various fields including medicine, transportation, agriculture, industrial process control, global-scale environmental monitoring and precision agriculture. This paper reviews the application of WSN in automating irrigation management and(More)
This paper discusses organizational challenges that hinder the implementation of secure remote electronic voting in Tanzania and proposes workable solutions to address the identified challenges. The work presented in this paper complements a proposed secure model that would facilitate the implementation of secure, trustworthy and sustainable electronic(More)
The rapid urbanization of developing countries coupled with explosion in construction of high rising buildings and the high power usage in them calls for conservation and efficient energy program. Such a programme require monitoring of end-use appliances energy consumption in real-time. The worldwide recent adoption of smart-meter in smart-grid, has led to(More)
Viterbi Algorithm Decoder Enhanced with Non-transmittable Codewords is one of the best decoding algorithm which effectively improves forward error correction performance. HoweverViterbi decoder enhanced with NTCs is not yet designed to work in storage media devices. Currently Reed Solomon (RS) Algorithm is almost the dominant algorithm used in correcting(More)
The study of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone antenna towards human head is presented in this paper. The simulation of radiation emission of Dual band PIFA for GSM and Quadrifillar Helix Antenna for satellite communication showing their radiation intensity and adoption of CELNEC standard for the human safety will be demonstrated.
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