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Utilization of FPGA for Onboard Inference of Landmark Localization in CNN-Based Spacecraft Pose Estimation
This paper investigates the use of a hybrid Field Programmable Gate Array and Systems-on-Chip device for efficient onboard inferencing of the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) part of spacecraft pose estimation methods.
Design, Implementation, and Operation of a Small Satellite Mission to Explore the Space Weather Effects in LEO
The design of the mission is reviewed, the exact hardware used is specified, and the implementation and operation phases of the project are outlined, which is intended as a reference that other aspiring satellite developers may use to increase their chances of success.
Flexible Modularized Artificial Neural Network Implementation on FPGA
This work shows that a well modularized network is easily adoptable for different applications hence helping take advantage of the re-configurability of FPGAs.