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In spite of great advancements in multimedia data storage and communication technologies, compression of medical data remains challenging. This paper presents a novel compression method for the compression of medical images. The proposed method uses Ripplet transform to represent singularities along arbitrarily shaped curves and Set Partitioning in(More)
Service selection in pervasive computing is significant as it requires identifying the best service provider based on users requirements. After identifying the best service provider, when a service is being executed, service disruptions happen due to various faults. Though attempts are made to provide best services to the user, executing the service without(More)
Decentralization in every walk of life has resulted in the development of Global Grid networking. Data sharing and access depends on their availability, capability, cost and user requirements. One of the needs for a secure Grid Environment is a strong authentication for users. Since Authentication is the entry point into every network, a novel smart card(More)
With an increase in population, providing basic health care to the people, especially in rural areas is the main objective of health administrators. A remote telemedicine system is the possible way to solve this problem with the support of new advanced technologies. This paper discusses the state of the art and the major issues in wireless telemedicine(More)
Pervasive computing enables the user to connect to the network and receive any service anywhere any time. The problem of satisfying the user’s request as per their requirements is a vital process. There can be many service providers providing the service with the same functionality. Providing the appropriate service as required by the user mainly consists(More)
Pervasive Computing is an emerging area of research where the computing devices are embedded in the environments. Service discovery is an important process in the pervasive environment which helps to discover the service to the user. There can be many service providers who provide the service with same functionality. Many criteria such as availability,(More)
Nowadays with many services and applications focusing on mobile centric services there is a need for an efficient and robust advertisement system based on mobile location. Services and applications can leverage the ubiquitous presence of mobile systems to display advertisements at opportune situations. An efficient system architecture is needed to push(More)
Recent years have seen great development in the field of medical imaging and telemedicine. Despite the developments in storage and communication technologies, compression of medical data remains challenging. This paper proposes an efficient medical image compression method for telemedicine. The proposed method takes advantage of Radon transform whose basis(More)
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