Kirti Jajoo Shrivastava

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Purpose. The estimated new cancer patient load in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is 0.1-0.12 million per year. Approximately two thirds of these require treatment by a radiation oncologist. Radiation oncologists: cancer patient ratio in this state is 1 : 2000 as compared to the recommended 1 : 250. This problem is compounded by the poor infrastructure of(More)
Rehabilitation of maxillofacial defect patients is a challenging task. The most common prosthetic treatment problem with such patients is, getting adequate retention, stability, and support. In cases of large maxillofacial defect, movement of the prosthesis is inevitable. The primary objectives in rehabilitating the maxillofacial defect patients are to(More)
AIM We compared the clinical efficacy of three gingival displacement systems to accurately record intra-crevicular margins of tooth preparation. MATERIALS AND METHODS One mechanical (magic foam cord) and two chemico-mechanical (expasyl paste and retraction cord impregnated with 15% aluminum chloride) gingival displacement systems were used. This study was(More)
Congenitally missing eye, often called as anopthalmia, is a rare condition. This causes disfigurement of the face, which poses psychological effect on children, making them emotionally weak and conscious which, in turn, causes anxiety, stress, and depression at an early age in life. The custom-made ocular prostheses should thus be provided as soon as(More)
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