Kirsty Olsen

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BACKGROUND Mental mechanisms have evolved to enable animals (and humans) to be able to function in various social roles. It is suggested that the nature and functions of the mental mechanisms that enable animals to act as a hostile-dominant or threatened-subordinate can be distinguished. It is further suggested these can be internally activated and 'play(More)
The authors report preliminary data from a psychological autopsy study of completed suicide in late life. Sixteen of 18 victims had diagnosable psychopathology, most commonly major depression of late onset. Symptoms manifest prior to death are described and directions for future investigation discussed. The psychological autopsy is shown to be a viable(More)
In a controlled psychological autopsy study of suicide in late life, eight cases in which the victim's belief that he had cancer played a major role in the decision to end his life were examined. All victims were men. The majority had diagnosable major affective disorders, but none had been seen in mental health care settings. Other common characteristics(More)
Healthcare workers (HCWs) may be a reservoir for Staphylococcus aureus transmission to patients. We examined whether HCW status is associated with S. aureus nasal carriage and population structure (spa types) in 1302 women (334 HCWs) and 977 men (71 HCWs) aged 30-69 years participating in the population-based Tromsø Study in 2007-2008. Multivariable(More)
This paper explores two interpersonal sensitivities (to rejection and to social put-down) in a group of 54 depressed men and 50 depressed women. Measures of anhedonia, anxiety, anger, social comparison, and submissive behaviour were also obtained. We found no differences in rejection sensitivity, anger, anhedonia, or anxiety between the sample of depressed(More)
UNLABELLED Brain imaging with glucose ((18)F-FDG) PET or blood flow (hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime) SPECT is widely used for the differential diagnosis of dementia, though direct comparisons to clearly establish superiority of one method have not been undertaken. METHODS Subjects with Alzheimer disease (AD; n = 38) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB; n =(More)
BACKGROUND The blood pressure rapid intensive lowering and normal treatment for mood and cognition in persistent depression (BRILiANT mood study) was devised as a pilot study to investigate the feasibility and safety of intensive blood pressure lowering as treatment for persistent mood and cognitive symptoms in older adults with major depressive disorder(More)
BACKGROUND Positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) brain imaging are widely used as diagnostic tools for suspected dementia but no studies have directly compared participant views of the two procedures. We used a range of methods to explore preferences for PET and SPECT. METHODS Patients and controls (and(More)
Driving is an important aspect of daily living and for many older people provides autonomy and psycho-social benefits. Cognitive impairment has been found to impact driving skills at the level of dementia, however, uncertainty remains around the impact of a diagnosis of the pre-dementia condition mild cognitive impairment. Current official guidelines are(More)