Kirsty McPherson

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αβ and γδ T cells are disparate T cell lineages that can respond to distinct antigens (Ags) via the use of the αβ and γδ T cell Ag receptors (TCRs), respectively. Here we characterize a population of human T cells, which we term δ/αβ T cells, expressing TCRs comprised of a TCR-δ variable gene (Vδ1) fused to joining α and constant α domains, paired with an(More)
The ability of CD4(+)Foxp3(+) regulatory T-cells (Treg) to produce interleukin (IL)-10 is important for the limitation of inflammation at environmental interfaces like colon or lung. Under steady state conditions, however, few Tregs produce IL-10 ex vivo. To investigate the origin and fate of IL-10 producing Tregs we used a superagonistic mouse anti-mouse(More)
This paper reviews aspects of the development of sequential analysis of clinical trial data in medicine and suggests simple strategies for progress. The emphasis is on the pragmatic and ethical requirements of aspects of the design of phase III trials and in circumstances of genuine uncertainty characterized by much clinical experimentation. In particular(More)
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