Kirsty M Davies

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To develop more ecologically valid models of the neurobiology of obesity, it is critical to determine how the neural processes involved in food-related decision-making translate into real-world eating behaviors. We examined the relationship between goal-directed valuations of food images in the MRI scanner and food consumption at a subsequent ad libitum(More)
The endogenous opioid system and µ-opioid receptors in particular have been demonstrated to play a fundamental role in hedonic and motivational behaviors reinforced by rewards. In healthy participants, the authors examined the multiple-dose safety, pharmacokinetic, and secondary pharmacodynamic profile of GSK1521498, a µ-opioid receptor inverse agonist that(More)
The current investigation measured cognitive performance, subjective ratings of mood and sleep in Formula 1® (F1) race team members during the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix. Two weeks prior to the Singapore Grand Prix participants (n = 16; mean age 33.5 years, range 22-48 years) underwent baseline cognitive assessments as well as a questionnaire on mood and(More)
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