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The hepatoproliferative effects of 2 antiestrogens, tamoxifen and toremifene, were compared in a sequential 15-month study in which 2 doses of each compound were administered by daily gavage to female Sprague-Dawley rats for up to 12 months. The doses were 11.3 and 22.6 mg/kg for tamoxifen and 12 and 24 mg/kg for toremifene. There were scheduled sacrifices(More)
The illusion of perceived line length produced by the parallel lines configuration reverses from assimilation to contrast with large spatial separation of the contextual and test lines (Jordan & Schiano, 1986). In the present experiment, we tested whether length contrast is produced by the sequential sampling of contextual and test lines or by the(More)
Terahertz (THz) radiation, which lies in the far-infrared region, is at the interface of electronics and photonics. Narrow-band THz radiation can be produced by free-electron lasers and fast diodes. Broadband THz radiation can be produced by thermal sources and, more recently, by table-top laser-driven sources and by short electron bunches in accelerators,(More)
Three experiments were designed to investigate whether the characteristic function relating response time to stimulus orientation reflects the observer imagining the rotation of the stimulus to upright (the "image rotation" hypothesis) or rotation of an internal reference frame in response to the misoriented stimulus (the "frame rotation" hypothesis).(More)
We report the production of high power (20 W average, approximately 1 MW peak) broadband THz light based on coherent emission from relativistic electrons. We describe the source, presenting theoretical calculations and their experimental verification. For clarity we compare this source with that based on ultrafast laser techniques, and in fact the radiation(More)