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Policymakers fear that health insurers when exposed to competition will engage in cream-skimming (i.e. selection of good risks) rather than trying to improve their benefit to premium ratio. This fear surfaced also when Swiss federal government proposed pro-competitive Law on social health insurance, which barely passed a popular referendum in 1994. While a(More)
This is the essential guide for all those who make policy or make decisions to protect and promote public health, particularly those who wish to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases at the national, state, or local levels. Essential partners include leaders in health professional and other nongovernmental organizations, government, industry, the media,(More)
The 2009 World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Report ‘Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention’ addresses the external influences on people’s eating and physical activity habits over a lifetime, and evaluates possible actions to change these behaviours. Estimates of preventability of cancer were calculated(More)
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