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Giving robots the ability to autonomously move around in various real-world environments has been a major goal of AI (artificial intelligence) for quite some time. To this end it is vital for robots to be able to perceive their surroundings in 3D; they must be able to estimate the range of obstacles in their path. Animals navigate through various(More)
Resequencing microarrays are ac ommon tool for fast monitoring of individual genetic variations. Applications include diagnosis of genetic and infectious diseases and SNP prediction. Base calling is the crucial step in the analysis of rese-quencing data. All current base calling algorithms produce ambiguous calls on parts of the sequence. Therefore, proper(More)
The enormous complexity of whole-cell models needs new algo-rithmic approaches and high performant simulators. Our goal is the integration of deterministic and stochastic simulation algorithms in a highly scalable parallel simulator. Our hardware platform is a cluster of workstations as they are available in most research institutions. Therefore our(More)
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