Kirstin Palm

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A synRas mouse model was used expressing constitutively activated Ha-Ras (Val12 mutation) in neurons to investigate the role of Ras-MAPkinase signalling for neuronal connectivity in adult brain. Expression of the transgene in the cortex of these mice starts after neuronal differentiation is completed and allows to directly investigate the effects of(More)
The small G protein p21Ras is a critical molecular switch for relaying neurotrophic actions and is essential for normal functioning and plasticity of the nervous system. In this study, the morphogenetic effects of p21Ras were investigated on neurons in vivo. Morphological changes of layers II/III and Vb commissural pyramidal neurons of the primary(More)
Calcium and lithium ion beams are required by NASA Space Radiation Laboratory at Brookhaven National Laboratory to simulate the effects of cosmic radiation. To identify the difficulties in providing such highly reactive materials as laser targets, both species were experimentally tested. Plate shaped lithium and calcium targets were fabricated to create(More)
Liver transplantation is the only clinically effective method of treating acute liver failure. However, wider application of this therapeutic modality is restricted primarily by shortage of donor organs. In the search for alternative methods of liver replacement therapy, investigators have focused on transplantation of normal allogeneic hepatocytes and on(More)
We studied proton beam production from a laser ion source using hydrogen rich target materials. In general, gas based species are not suitable for laser ion sources since formation of a dense laser target is difficult. In order to achieve reliable operation, we tested hydride targets using a sub nanosecond Q-switched Nd-YAG laser, which may help suppress(More)
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