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Lay Patronage and the Creation of Papal Sanctity during the Gregorian Reform: The Case of Sant'Urbano alla Caffarella, Rome
This article examines representations of papal sanctity in the late eleventh-century wall paintings of Sant'Urbano alla Caffarella. An analysis of these frescoes, which include the earliest knownExpand
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Revealing the Sacred: the Icon of Christ in the Sancta Sanctorum, Rome
Abstract The icon of Christ currently displayed on the altar of the Sancta Sanctorum chapel in the Lateran was one of the most important images of medieval Rome (figure I). This representation of theExpand
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Ecclesiae militantis triumphi : Jesuit iconography and the Counter-Reformation
The Ecclesiae militantis triumphi (1583, 1585), a print series reproducing the late-sixteenth-century ambulatory frescoes of Santo Stefano Rotondo, offered Jesuits a concise history of EarlyExpand
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Negotiating the Original: Copying the Virgin of Guadalupe
The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, has been reproduced countless times since its supposed miraculous creation in 1531. In the early modern period, artistsExpand
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Re-Covering Christ in Late Medieval Rome: The Icon of Christ in the Sancta Sanctorum
The icon of Christ in the Sancta Sanctorum (Rome), known commonly as the Acheropita because of the miraculous nature of its production, had a long-standing and significant position in the cult ofExpand
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Pope Leo X and the Sancta Sanctorum (Rome): Engaging with the Holy of Holies
Around Christmas in 1518, Pope Leo X had the relics of the Sancta Sanctorum in Rome removed from their altar and niches, examined, and catalogued. Counted among the relics were some of the mostExpand
Opening the Holy of Holies: Early Twentieth-Century Explorations of the Sancta Sanctorum (Rome)
Although the Sancta Sanctorum preserved some of the most venerated relics in Rome and a miraculous image of Christ, until the early twentieth century strict rules limiting access to the space made aExpand
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