Kirsti Sääskilahti

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In this paper we present techniques for selecting one's current location in mobile location-based systems. We present Locawe (Location-aware System Platform) and four alternative location selection techniques, which are physical selection using RFID technology, automatic selection based on GPS coordinates, selection from a mobile map with a stylus, and a(More)
In the current paper, we describe a remotely controlled robotic system and an experimental comparison of three techniques for displaying information about the position and movements of a remote robot to the user. The developed system was based on a mobile robot (Evolution Robotics' ER-1) and Locawe, which is a platform for developing location-aware systems.(More)
In the current article, we address the problem of constructing radiofrequency identification (RFID)-augmented environments for mobile robots and the issues related to creating user interfaces for efficient remote navigation with a mobile robot in such environments. First, we describe an RFID-based positioning and obstacle identification solution for(More)
In digital holography we often capture optically a 3D scene and reconstruct the perspectives numerically. The reconstructions are routinely in the form of a 2D image slice, an extended focus image, or a depth map from a single perspective. These are fundamentally 2D (or at most 2.5D) representations and for some scenes are not certain to give the human(More)
Flower arrangement is enjoyed all over the world as a way of gardening and in decoration of rooms. However, it is difficult to make arrangements as beautiful as possible for beginners. Some rules about layout and color combination of flower arrangement are required in order for beginners to beautifully arrange the flowers. Moreover, the process is sometimes(More)
Monitoring the state of the environment has traditionally based on remote monitoring systems maintained by official organizations and institutions. A development of mobile and ubiquitous computing opens new possibilities to collect geosensor data directly from user's environment as in situ measurements. In the current paper, we describe a geosensor network(More)
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