Kirsten Ribu

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An estimation method based on use cases, the use case points method, has given promising results. However, more knowledge is needed about the contexts in which the method can be applied and how it should be adapted to local environments to improve the estimation process. We applied the use case points method to several projects in a Scandinavian software(More)
1 Miriam Nes, .NET consultant, Avenir, 2 Kirsten Ribu, Assistant Professor, Oslo University College, 3 Morten Tollefsen, MediALT, Abstract The digital divide causes democratic problems in societies where the use of technology is necessary to participate fully. Improvement of user accessibility(More)
People with development disorders, for instance autism, need structured plans to help create predictability in their daily lives. Digital plans can facilitate enhanced independency, learning, and quality of life, but existing apps are largely general purpose and lack the flexibility required by this specific but heterogeneous user group. Universal design is(More)
The DAISY system is currently used as the alternative reading format for print-disabled students in Norway. DAISY is denoted by many as universally designed. This is an important claim, ensuring suited learning opportunities for all students. Thus, to be able to determine this aspect of DAISY is important – as is the case for many information systems.(More)
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