Kirsten M. Silvius

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Using data from a three-year study of socioeconomic factors influencing hunting in 23 indigenous communities , we assess the influence of indigenous and Christian beliefs and practices on dietary taboos among Makushi and Wapishana peoples in the Guyanese Amazon. We found that members of Evangelical and established (Anglican and Catholic) churches do not(More)
Keywords: Indigenous people Biodiversity Land use change Socio-ecological systems Human and natural systems Agent-based modeling Amazon a b s t r a c t Indigenous people of the Rupununi region of Amazonian Guyana interact with their natural environment through hunting and subsistence agriculture. To date the sustainability of indigenous livelihoods has been(More)
Conservation of Neotropical game species must take into account the livelihood and food security needs of local human populations. Hunting management decisions should therefore rely on abundance and distribution data that are as representative as possible of true population sizes and dynamics. We simultaneously applied a commonly used encounter-based method(More)
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