Kirsten M Maakestad

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Previous studies have shown low-dose acetazolamide to be effective in preventing AMS in persons already at high altitude and then moving higher, a relatively low risk situation. We wished to evaluate prophylactic administration of low-dose acetazolamide for reducing the incidence and severity of AMS in a high-risk setting: rapid ascent from 1600 to 4300 m.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of 2 different sources of Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) in reducing the incidence and severity of acute mountain sickness (AMS) following rapid ascent to high altitude. METHODS Two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cohort studies were conducted in which participants were treated with GBE (240 mg x d(-1)) or(More)
Most physicians who practice in Missouri will never treat high-altitude illness, but some of their patients who travel to the mountains will experience it. High-altitude illness can often be prevented if patients are educated and prepared. This review focuses on prevention of high-altitude illness for the average Missouri traveler who plans a trip to a(More)
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