Kirsten Lylloff

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Among 112 patients with ulcerative colitis (UC), a positive Coombs' test was detected in two cases. The immunoglobulins were IgG and no complement could be detected on the red cells. None of the two patients showed laboratory evidence of hemolysis, although reduced red cell survival was suspected in one patient with a 6-year history of UC, previous(More)
In the last months of the second World War, 250,000 German refugees landed in Denmark. A third of them were children under the age of 15. Seven thousand German refugee children under the age of five died in Denmark in 1945. Using birth certificates and death certificates from the Danish national archives and burial lists from the German refugee cemetaries I(More)
Using a reliable and strong reacting antiserum of the rare anti-Cob specificity, it was shown that the Cob antigen was fully developed at birth. Gene dosage effect could not be demonstrated. The frequency of Co(b+) persons in the Danish population (7.8%) was found not to differ from other Caucasian populations. The antibody belonged to immunoglobulin class(More)