Kirsten Liebert

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DNA methyltransferases methylate target bases within specific nucleotide sequences. Three structures are described for bacteriophage T4 DNA-adenine methyltransferase (T4Dam) in ternary complexes with partially and fully specific DNA and a methyl-donor analog. We also report the effects of substitutions in the related Escherichia coli DNA methyltransferase(More)
Given the high costs of conducting a drug-response trial, researchers are now aiming to use retrospective analyses to conduct genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to identify underlying genetic contributions to drug-response variation. To prevent confounding results from a GWAS to investigate drug response, it is necessary to account for concomitant(More)
The EcoRV DNA methyltransferase methylates the first adenine in the GATATC recognition sequence. It is presumed that methylation proceeds by a nucleotide flipping mechanism but no crystal structure is available to confirm this. A popular solution-phase assay for nucleotide flipping employs the fluorescent adenine analogue, 2-aminopurine (2AP), substituted(More)
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