Kirsten Kruse

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During the 2-year period 1985-86 a total of 1,876 patients were admitted to our hospital after milder head trauma including cerebral concussion. Two hundred and eighty four patients who had a skull X-ray were not selected from guidelines. In 1,592 patients without a skull X-ray, signs of an intracranial complication developed in six cases and were verified(More)
To assess signs that might be used in the decision whether or not to admit a patient with minor head injury, the records of 713 female and 1163 male patients were reviewed. Skull radiographs were not obtained routinely; all patients were able to walk and talk when they reached medical contact. Nine patients developed an intracranial complication. The risk(More)
The records of 1,218 males and 743 females admitted to Copenhagen County Hospital in Glostrup between January 1 1985 and December 31 1986 were studied. The mean age was 28.2 years (SD = 20.3 years). The incidence rate was 360 per 100,000 inhabitants per year and was between 30 and 130% larger for males than females (p less than 0.001), the incidence rate(More)
OBJECTIVES To delineate the primary concerns women associate with abnormal Papanicolaou (Pap) results and colposcopy and to identify women's strategies for coping with these potential stressors. DESIGN A longitudinal, descriptive study involving telephone interviews after participants received abnormal Pap results and mailed questionnaires before and(More)
PURPOSE To apply Karasek's Job Content Model to an analysis of the relationships between job type and perceived stress and stress behaviors in a large company during a period of reorganization and downsizing. DESIGN Cross-sectional mail-out, mail-back survey. SETTING A large Canadian telephone/telecommunications company. SUBJECTS Stratified random(More)
The overall purpose of this study was to understand the process of coping with the news of abnormal cervical cancer screening results. The specific aims were (1) to compare women's uncertainty about the implications of abnormal Papanicolaou (Pap) tests and women's psychological distress over time and (2) to describe relationships among uncertainty,(More)
INTRODUCTION In the revised Danish medical specialist training increased focus has been placed on competences which are hard to evaluate such as communication skills. Mini-CEX seems promising as an evaluation tool. Our aim was to test: 1) whether mini-CEX was useable in the evaluation of communicative and cooperative skills and 2) whether mini-CEX would(More)
In order to identify signs to be used in the decision whether or not to admit patients after minor head injuries (MHI), the records of 713 females and 1163 males were reviewed. Skull X-ray was not obtained routinely, all patients were able to talk and walk when they reached medical contact. Nine patients developed an intracranial complication, three had an(More)
In order to elucidate causes, simultaneous lesions, alcohol intoxication and economic aspects of admission of patients with minor head traumas, the records of 1,961 patients admitted in 1985 and 1986 were reviewed. 35% were admitted after traffic accidents, 18% after assaults and 17% because of home accidents. In the age group 30-39 years, 40% of the males(More)