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Invertebrate gap junctions are composed of proteins called innexins and eight innexin encoding loci have been identified in the now complete genome sequence of Drosophila melanogaster. The intercellular channels formed by these proteins are multimeric and previous studies have shown that, in a heterologous expression system, homo- and hetero-oligomeric(More)
The tergotrochanteral (jump) motorneuron is a major synaptic target of the Giant Fibre in Drosophila. These two neurons are major components of the fly's Giant-Fibre escape system. Our previous work has described the development of the Giant Fibre in early metamorphosis and the involvement of the shaking-B locus in the formation of its electrical synapses.(More)
In the present study, we report in two non related pediatric patients a primary immunodeficiency phenotype associated with a missense mutation in the moesin gene. The disease was characterized by T, B and NK lymphopenia and neutropenia. Both patients developed severe varicella complicated by bilateral pneumopathies and recurrent pulmonary infections until(More)
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