Kirsten J. Ludwig

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The intestinal crypt homeostasis is maintained by a combination of growth factors including Wnt, R-Spondin1, Noggin and the epidermal growth factor (EGF). In human colorectal cancer, the Wnt pathway is constitutively activated through genetic and epigenetic alterations in as many as 11 genes encoding components of this crypt stem-cell maintenance mechanism.(More)
The cytokinetic furrow is organized by the RhoA GTPase, which recruits actin and myosin II to the furrow and drives contractility. Here, we show that the RhoA GTPase-activting protein (GAP) p190RhoGAP-A (also known as ARHGAP35) has a role in cytokinesis and is involved in regulating levels of RhoA-GTP and contractility. Cells depleted of p190RhoGAP-A(More)
The Wnt/β-catenin pathway is constitutively activated in more than 90% of human colorectal cancer. Activated β-catenin stimulates cell proliferation and survival, however, its antiapoptotic mechanisms are not fully understood. We show here that activated β-catenin is required to suppress caspase-8 activation, but only in colon cancer cells that are(More)
p190RhoGAP (p190) is a negative regulator of RhoGTPases and a putative tumor suppressor, whose mechanism of tumor suppression is poorly defined. Ectopic expression of p190 induces various morphological phenotypes, including multinucleation, dendrite-like formation, and chromatin condensation, suggesting an involvement in apoptosis. We examined the(More)
Gliomas are the most malignant and aggressive form of brain tumors, and account for the majority of brain cancer related deaths. Malignant gliomas, including glioblastoma are treated with radiation and temozolomide, with only a minor benefit in survival time. A number of advances have been made in understanding glioma biology, including the discovery of(More)
Individual zebrafish Danio rerio were assayed for exploratory tendency in a serial open field test before and after being maintained on one of four diet treatments that differed in ration and in predictability of food delivery. Danio rerio became more exploratory after being maintained on a diet with a predictable delivery schedule. There was no effect of(More)
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