Kirsten Fasshauer

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Six patients with facial hemiatrophy (H.f) were thoroughly examined by clinical and laboratory investigations. Two were found to have idiopathic and four facial hemiatrophy due to different types of localized scleroderma. In all cases a generalized myopathy was present, demonstrated by electromyographical, histological, and biochemical means. In none of(More)
Between 1968 and 1981 52 patients with syringomyelia were investigated clinically and with several additional procedures. The introduction of computerized axial tomography (CAT) has led to a change in diagnostic measurements in this disease. Therefore it has become necessary to evaluate the usefulness of additional investigations made in recent past. From(More)
In ten patients with para- or tetraspastic syndromes of various etiology 5 different spastic phenomena demonstrating pathologically raised excitability of muscle regulation functions were registered electromyographically before and 1 h after i.v. administration of N-(hydroxy-2-ethyl)-cinnamamide (LCB-29). In the majority of cases a marked decrease of(More)
Telemetrical electromyographical investigations were performed in 23 healthy subjects and 33 patients with various diseases of the extrapyramidal system. The comparison of our findings leads to electromyographic criteria in the differential diagnosis of these disorders. As the majority of previous investigations with this method centered on questions(More)