Kirsten Dahl

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In men, administration of exogenous testosterone (T) exerts direct negative feedback effects at the pituitary as well as at the hypothalamic level. This study was undertaken to determine whether T itself causes the inhibitory effects on the pituitary, or whether conversion to estradiol (E2) or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is required. We assessed the(More)
Amylin reduces meal size by activating noradrenergic neurons in the area postrema (AP). Neurons in the AP also mediate the eating-inhibitory effects of salmon calcitonin (sCT), a potent amylin agonist, but the phenotypes of the neurons mediating its effect are unknown. Here we investigated whether sCT activates similar neuronal populations to amylin, and if(More)
Obesity is a major burden to people and to health care systems around the world. The aim of the study was to characterize the effect of a novel selective α-MSH analog on obesity and insulin sensitivity. The subchronic effects of the selective MC4-R peptide agonist MC4-NN1-0182 were investigated in diet-induced obese (DIO) rats and DIO minipigs by assessing(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Several studies have shown that adiponectin can lower blood glucose in diabetic mice. The aim of this study was to establish an effective adiponectin production process and to evaluate the anti-diabetic potential of the different adiponectin forms in diabetic mice and sand rats. METHODS Human high molecular weight, mouse low molecular(More)
Child psychoanalysts have long viewed play as a reflection of children's inner lives and have used the themes children represent in play for diagnostic and therapeutic work. Given the central role children's play has for clinical work, few studies have addressed play empirically. This paper presents a technique for studying the thematic content of(More)
An important area for psychoanalytic study is the significance for intrapsychic life of important events taking place in the community of which analyst and analysand are a part. September 11, 2001 provides a vantage point for examination of questions that arise from looking at the interrelationship between current environment and intrapsychic life. Two(More)
The in vitro immunoreactive (i-LH) and bioactive (b-LH) LH release from hemipituitaries of intact adult male rats (INT) or rats castrated 7 days earlier (CAS) was studied. Hemipituitaries were incubated for 30 min (time 1) plus an additional 30 min (time 2) with GnRH (10 nM) and/or KCl (50 mM), according to one of the following protocols: media alone (C),(More)
A technique for sorting live LH- and FSH-secreting cells was developed. After enzymatic dispersion, a suspension of pituitary cells from male rats castrated 7 days earlier was incubated in potassium chloride (KCI 50 mmol/l) for 30 min and gonadotropin outflow was provoked. Then, considering either LH or FSH as temporary surface markers, we positively(More)
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