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This paper sketches a particular aspect of the active/passive distinction and tries to attribute all syntactic properties of these modes to the behavior of a single functional projection. The paper is organized in two parts. Part I is devoted to a discussion of the voice distinction in Toba Batak. It is argued that a correct syntactic description of the(More)
1 0. Introduction This paper examines German Final Devoicing in OT and shows that a full account of the data requires not only an explanation for Final Devoicing itself, but also a model of the stratification of the lexicon. The point of departure of this study is the observation that although various recently proposed analyses of German Final Devoicing in(More)
Electro-acupuncture has previously proven its analgesic effect in oocyte retrieval for IVF. The aim of the present prospective randomized study was to explore the optimal frequency for analgesia when electro-acupuncture was applied a few minutes prior to oocyte retrieval. A total of 152 patients were prospectively randomized to receive either a combination(More)
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