Kirsten A van Leijenhorst-Groener

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The structure of individual nucleosomes organized within reconstituted 208-12 arrays at different levels of compaction was examined by tapping mode atomic force microscopy in air and liquid. Reconstitution at lower histone octamer to DNA weight ratios showed an extended beads-on-a-string morphology with less than the expected maximum of 12 nucleosome core(More)
Oligomeric alpha-synuclein (alphaS) is considered to be the potential toxic species responsible for the onset and progression of Parkinson's disease, possibly through the disruption of lipid membranes. Although there is evidence that oligomers contain considerable amounts of secondary structure, more detailed data on the structural characteristics and how(More)
Eukaryotic DNA is packaged into the cell nucleus as a nucleoprotein complex, chromatin. Despite this condensed state, access to the DNA sequence must occur during gene expression and other essential genetic events. Here we employ optical tweezers stretching of reconstituted chromatin fibers to investigate the release of DNA from its protein-bound structure.(More)
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