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We used fMRI to investigate activations within human auditory cortex (AC) to vowels during vowel discrimination, vowel (categorical n-back) memory, and visual tasks. Based on our previous studies, we hypothesized that the vowel discrimination task would be associated with increased activations in the anterior superior temporal gyrus (STG), while the vowel(More)
Research in auditory neuroscience has largely neglected the possible effects of different listening tasks on activations of auditory cortex (AC). In the present study, we used high-resolution fMRI to compare human AC activations with sounds presented during three auditory and one visual task. In all tasks, subjects were presented with pairs of Finnish(More)
The present study compared activations to prototype, nonprototype, nonphonemic, and cross-category vowel pairs during vowel discrimination, category discrimination, 2-back, and visual tasks. Our results support previous findings that areas of the superior temporal gyrus (STG) are sensitive to the speech-level difference between prototype vs. nonprototype(More)
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