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AIM AND OBJECTIVE This systematic review describes mentoring of nursing students in clinical placements. BACKGROUND Mentoring in nursing has been widely investigated, but mentoring among students has remained vague. There is no universal agreement on student mentoring in nursing placements; therefore, mentoring approaches vary. A unified description of(More)
This systematic literature review describes how adult traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients' family members received support. The research question was "What in healthcare constitutes support for a TBI patient's family members?" The data for this review were based on 22 empirical studies published in scientific journals in 2004-2010, which were found in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide an overview of summative assessment of student nurses' practice currently in use. DESIGN Narrative review and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative studies. DATA SOURCES With the support of an information specialist, the data were collected from scientific databases which included CINAHL, PubMed, Medic, ISI Web of Science,(More)
STUDY'S RATIONALE The significance of care robotics has been highlighted in recent years. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE The article examines the adoption of care robots in home care settings, and in particular Finnish home care personnel's attitudes towards robots. The study compares the importance of the Negative Attitudes towards Robots Scale advanced by Nomura(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To examine nursing staff's perceptions about how often they provide interventions of emotional support and the level of competence needed on neurosurgical wards to support traumatic brain injury patients' family members. BACKGROUND Traumatic brain injury in one individual affects the health of their whole family. Studying the emotional(More)
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