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The incidence of visual dysfunction and effectiveness of visual exercises in acute traumatically brain injured inpatients in a rehabilitation programme were studied. Vision evaluation norms were established on 23 hospital staff. The evaluation was then administered to 51 inpatients within days after admission. An additional 21 patients were unable to(More)
A desktop vocational assistant robotic workstation was evaluated by 24 high-level quadriplegics from the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Spinal Cord Injury Center. The system is capable of performing daily living and vocational activities for individuals with high-level quadriplegia via voice control. Subjects were asked to use the robot to perform a repertoire(More)
About the software problem: background and current status By any measure — qualitative or quantitative — software-intensive systems being developed today are on a scale unheard of a generation ago. Today's software boasts levels of complexity and confidence that could not have been achieved even a dozen years ago. Systems networked to each other or embedded(More)
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