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Article history: Received 12 August 2012 Received in revised form 10 June 2013 Accepted 16 August 2013 Available online 13 September 2013 An action case study demonstrates an effective integration of collaborative planning using long-range foresight in a hierarchical government research organization. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the(More)
The transmission of the laser beam trough flexible fibers enables an endoscopic application. Since this technique is minimal invasive and often does not require general anaesthesia there is an increasing interest in the use of laser techniques-for example in equine upper respiratory tract surgery. This paper gives a review about reported laser application(More)
This work describes and evaluates an integrated system of computing information technologies to support the data mining and knowledge discovery of qualitative data collected from groups with diverse objectives and multiple, possibly conflicting criteria. The system provides a method and supporting infrastructure to produce a shared view and common objective(More)
The effect of a certain laser beam on tissue is dependent on the different properties of the tissue. The various kinds of laser radiation are absorbed from different components of an organ. Only where absorption takes place there will be a transformation of the energy of radiation to other forms of energy and changes in tissue will occur. The arising(More)
This article will outline the key words of laser physics. Albert Einstein set the basics of laser physics by characterizing the principles of stimulated emission of radiation in 1914. An excited atom can change from these excited energy level to a lower level by emitting energy in form of photons. If this photon strikes another excited atom, it will(More)
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