Kirk Taylor

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BACKGROUND Although opioids are commonly used to treat chronic neuropathic pain, there are limited data to guide their use. Few controlled trials have been performed, and many types of neuropathic pain remain unstudied. METHODS Adults with neuropathic pain that was refractory to treatment were randomly assigned to receive either high-strength (0.75-mg) or(More)
Patulin is a mycotoxin produced primarily by Penicillium expansum, a mold responsible for rot in apples and other fruits. The growth of this fungus and the production of patulin are common in fruit that has been damaged. However, patulin can be detected in visibly sound fruit. The purpose of this project was to determine how apple quality, storage, and(More)
The application of the intelligent monitoring techniques of case-based reasoning and neural network analysis to physician decision making concerning patient care in an Intensive Car Unit (ICU) is described. Case-based reasoning offers a model for quickly matching--using a predetermined hierarchical structure--a single patient's parameters (text or numeric)(More)
The efficacy of cleaning and sanitation in a small apple cider processing plant was evaluated by surface swab methods as well as microbiological examination of incoming raw ingredients and of the final product. Surface swabs revealed that hard-to-clean areas such as apple mills or tubing for pomace and juice transfer may continue to harbor contaminants even(More)
Hierarchical coding is a promising technique for handling real-time continuous media (i.e., video, audio, etc.), where timely presentation might be more important than totally lossless presentation. Hierarchical coding allows the receiver to have, and if desired present, a progressively better image as data is received and also allows the network to(More)
Apple variety, harvest, quality sorting, and storage practices were assessed to determine their impact on the microflora of unpasteurized cider. Seven apple varieties were harvested from the tree or the ground. The apples were used fresh or were stored at 0 to 4 degrees C for < or = 5 months and were pressed with or without quality selection. Cider yield,(More)
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