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A commercially available protein-assay, based on the reaction between bicinchoninic acid (4,4′-dicarboxy-2,2′-biquinoline) and copper was adapted for use in microtiter plates. The assay is sensitive between 10 μm/ml and several mg/ml, and it uses only 10 μl of sample material. The results obtained with the method were in accordance with other protein(More)
Charnley's laboratory wear studies of non-gamma sterilized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and polyethylene (PE) found that the PTFE to PE wear-rate ratio of 250:1 was much higher than the in-vivo wear ratio of 20:1. Tests of PTFE and PE in our laboratory showed a wear ratio of 150:1, using bovine serum as the lubricant and 190:1 with water as the lubricant.(More)