Kirk Sayre

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The ideas and findings in this report should not be construed as an official DoD position. It is published in the interest of scientific and technical information exchange. Use of any trademarks in this report is not intended in any way to infringe on the rights of the trademark holder. Internal use. Permission to reproduce this document and to prepare(More)
The fundamental statistical strategy of improving sampling efficiency through partitioning the population is applied to software testing. Usage models make it possible to apply this strategy to improve the efficiency of testing. The testing budget is allocated to the blocks of the partition, and the software is executed on the sample of uses drawn from each(More)
SUMMARY In order to expand the domain of problems addressable by expert systems, cooperation is required. To enable this cooperation , a free exchange of 'thoughts' between individual expert systems must be provided. A transparent, modularized communication system, called Backtalk, consisting of a router process and an incoming and outgoing message process(More)
Modern society is irreversibly dependent on computer-based infrastructure systems of astonishing scope and complexity. Yet these systems are increasingly vulnerable to disabling intrusions by adversaries equipped with the knowledge and resources to mount sophisticated attacks [1, 2]. Technical and organizational preparation for major attacks is essential to(More)
1 Software systems can exhibit massive numbers of execution paths, and even comprehensive testing can exercise only a small fraction of these. It is no surprise that systems experience errors and vulnerabilities in use when many executions are untested. Computations over the functional semantics of programs may offer a potential solution. Structured(More)
  • Kirk Sayre
  • 2005
The object-oriented design of software in C++ using class templates presents many advantages over non-object-oriented or non-template based software design. However, the testing of template based C++ software involves some unique issues not usually faced during the testing of non-template based software. This paper will describe these testing issues and(More)