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Data races are an important class of concurrency errors where two threads erroneously access a shared memory location without appropriate synchronization. This paper presents DataCollider, a lightweight and effective technique for dynamically detecting data races in kernel modules. Unlike existing data-race detection techniques, DataCollider is oblivious to(More)
The immunological relationship of the uncoupling protein from brown adipose tissue of several mammalian species was examined by using a rabbit antibody preparation against the rat protein. Complete cross-reactivity of the antibody to the protein from hamster, mouse, and rat was found, whereas the protein from rabbit cross-reacted only 25%. Cross-reactivity(More)
Poly(A)+RNA was isolated from brown adipose tissue of cold acclimated rats and a fraction enriched for uncoupling protein mRNA was used to generate a cDNA library in pBR 322. Immunological screening of 1,500 colonies with an affinity-purified antiserum against the uncoupling protein yielded five positive clones, pUCPrat1-5. Clone pUCPrat2 encoded the(More)
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