Kirk Kozminski

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Human Hexokinase IV, or glucokinase (GK), is a regulator of glucose concentrations in the body. It plays a key role in pancreatic insulin secretion as well as glucose biotransformation in the liver, making it a potentially viable target for treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Allosteric activators of GK have been shown to decrease blood glucose concentrations in(More)
Breast cancer patients with tumors lacking the three diagnostic markers (ER, PR, and HER2) are classified as triple-negative (primarily basal-like) and have poor prognosis because there is no disease-specific therapy available. To address this unmet medical need, gene expression analyses using more than a thousand breast cancer samples were conducted, which(More)
Since the 1970s outpatient surgery has become increasingly popular as a mechanism for reducing hospitalizations and allowing patients to recuperate in their own homes. Advanced nursing care, improved surgical procedures, and modern pharmaceuticals and anesthetic techniques increase the rate and quality of patient recovery and allow the patient to enter the(More)
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