Kirk Jenkins

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INTRODUCTION Risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes acquired in childhood commonly persist in later life and are particularly strong predictors of subclinical atherosclerosis in young adults. A rising tide of obesity and other lifestyle-related risk factors threatens to negate much of the success achieved in the prevention and treatment of(More)
INTRODUCTION The Wausau School Children Have Early Onset Of Leading Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Mellitus (SCHOOL) Project is a community-based effort to assess the cardiovascular (CV) health of students in the Wausau School District (WSD). It has been previously demonstrated that risk factors for CV disease are prevalent and increase(More)
Differences in the magnetic domain patterns of high permeability grain-oriented (HGO) electrical steel have been compared using a modified Bitter technique and the magneto-optical Kerr method. Distinct differences in the domain images were observed which have been attributed to the greater sensitivity of the Bitter technique to the degree of misorientation(More)
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