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OBJECTIVE to evaluate the effects of brisk walking on bone mineral density in women who had suffered an upper limb fracture. DESIGN randomized placebo-controlled trial. Assessments of bone mineral density were made before and at 1 and 2 years after intervention. Standardized and validated measures of physical capacity, self-rated health status and falls(More)
The Royal College of Radiologists' guidelines on the use of pre-operative chest X-rays were implemented for 1 year in four hospitals in England and Wales. The strategies adopted were: (1) the appointment of a utilisation review committee; (2) getting feedback on use to consultants; (3) the introduction of a new chest X-ray request form; or (4) the(More)
Constriction of vascular smooth muscle in response to the stimulus of raised intravascular pressure--the myogenic response--represents a positive feedback mechanism which, if unopposed, could theoretically lead to instability in the intact circulation. Dilation in response to increased intraluminal flow would provide an opposing feedback mechanism which(More)
The efficiency of the selection of patients with injured arms and legs for radiography was investigated. The analysis was based on data on presenting signs and symptoms collected in a multicentre study organised by the Royal College of Radiologists working party on the effective use of diagnostic radiology. The work was carried out in eight accident and(More)
2509 pregnant women were investigated between April 1, 1977, and March 31, 1980 (study 1), and April 1, 1980, and March 31, 1983 (study 2), to assess the effectiveness of diagnostic ultrasound in the diagnosis of neural tube defect (NTD) in women judged to be at high risk of NTD on the basis of raised serum alpha-fetoprotein or family history, or of other(More)