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Direct language instruction and interactive language instruction are based on highly distinct theoretical positions and incorporate very different behavioral techniques. A purpose of the present study was to evaluate the relative effectiveness of direct and interactive language instruction in promoting a variety of language skills. A second purpose was to(More)
This study examined the effects on reading achievement of variation in program design and tested the hypothesis this Distar Reading Mastery's (Engelmann & Bruner, 1988b) demonstrated effects with disadvantaged children in Project Follow Through can be generalized to children with disabilities. We compared the effects of two synthetic phonics reading(More)
This study examined the effects of integration and segregation in a special education preschool program for children with mild to moderate disabilities to determine whether initial level of development differentially influenced gains achieved. No main-effect differences between the two groups appeared on several pretest and posttest measures.(More)
The authors evaluated the stability over one- and two-year periods of the relationship between a cognitive measure (McCarthy General Cognitive Index) and a motor measure (McCarthy Motor Scale) to examine whether the cognitive-motor relationship changed significantly over time and whether children remained in the same service eligibility category, based on(More)
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