Kirk Cammarata

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Polyphenol oxidase activity (E.C. has been found in two enzyme species isolated from thylakoid membranes of spinach chloroplasts. The proteins were released from the membrane by sonication and purified >900-fold by ammonium sulfate precipitation, gel filtration, and ion-exchange chromatography. The enzymes appear to be the tetramer and monomer of(More)
Analyses were made of the effects of extraction of the 17,24 kilodalton extrinsic proteins from spinach versus wheat photosystem II (PSII) membranes on Ca abundance and O(2) evolution capacity determined in the absence and presence of either Cl(-) or Ca(2+). Extraction of these proteins from spinach PSII routinely diminished steady state O(2) evolution by(More)
The objective of this study was to measure the communities associated with different seagrass species to predict how shifts in seagrass species composition may affect associated fauna. In the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, coverage of the historically dominant shoal grass (Halodule wrightii) is decreasing, while coverage of manatee grass (Syringodium(More)
Seagrasses are critical components of marine food webs, yet negatively impacted by excessive coverage of epiphyte (attached algae or plants) or epifauna (organisms or animals). Since excessive nutrients result in excessive epiphyte/epifauna growth, epiphyte/epifauna coverage on seagrasses may serve as an indicator of nutrient status of local marine systems.(More)
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