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We examined the biodiversity of urban habitats in Birmingham (England) using a combination of field surveys of plants and carabid beetles, genetic studies of four species of butterflies, modelling the anthropochorous nature of the floral communities and spatially explicit modelling of selected mammal species. The aim of the project was to: (i) understand(More)
Hepatitis C is the most common blood borne virus in Australia affecting over 200 000 people. Effective treatment for hepatitis C has only become accessible in Australia since the late 1990's, although active injecting drug use (IDU) remained an exclusion criteria for government-funded treatment until 2001. Treatment uptake has been slow, particularly among(More)
Forty-three homozygous (SS) female sickle cell anemic patients with a history of at least one painful crisis per month and desiring a reversible contraceptive were administered DMPA/3 months or Microgynon monthly. A third group of 16 surgically sterilized patients served as control. Patients were followed for 1 year to assess possible effects of the(More)
The author discusses the etiology and pathophysiology of the Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHS) and its relationship with Polycystic Ovarian Disease, in which it occurs more frequently. He presents the clinical histories of five patients who, in a period of two years, developed this syndrome in three different degrees of severity, while undergoing(More)
Forty-one women of reproductive age were included in the study, to establish the variation of serum lipids during the menstrual cycle and simultaneously, to determine the physiological fluctuation of FSH, LH, prolactin (PRL), progesterone (P4) and estradiol (E2) concentration in serum, during the menstrual cycle. A significant decrease of total serum(More)
The medical history of 9 patients interested in childbearing are studied. They all had a high prolactin level, infertility, alteration in the menstrual cycle and in the majority (8/9) breast secretion. The results obtained with the usage of Parlodel (by the oral route) complemented with ovulation induction are evaluated, as well as existing local(More)
The practice of female surgical sterilization in Panama during the past decades, motivated the realization of this study, to determine the factors which caused women to use this permanent contraceptive method, and to see if regrets later occurred after that decision, in the sterilized women. A sample of 151 women were selected, between the ages of 28 and 45(More)
We present the experience accumulated during 3 years of having performed 10 workshops related to the topics of Sexuality and Affection, offered to 175 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19 years, from public schools within the Panamá, City Metropolitan Area and who correspond to different socioeconomical strata. Analytical information provided from the(More)
We reviewed 239 charts of adolescents and young adults, who visited our clinic. The purpose was to know the incidence of the Human Papiloma Virus infection (HPVI), diagnosed by Pap's smears, and the relationship to a population with some gynecological and sociodemographic characteristics. The women age population was between 14-24 years old with a mean age(More)