Kirill Smirnov

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The HERA-B Outer Tracker is a large system of planar drift chambers with about 113 000 read-out channels. Its inner part has been designed to be exposed to a particle flux of up to 2 · 10 5 cm −2 s −1 , thus coping with conditions similar to those expected for future hadron col-lider experiments. 13 superlayers, each consisting of two individual chambers,(More)
There was an examination of 20 patients (12 women and 8 men), aged 30 to 50, with TMJ dysfunction and with partial absence and abrasion of teeth with decrease in the height of the lower facial part and distal mandible shift, and of 12 people (7 women and 5 men), aged 20 to 40, with intact dentitions using electromyography of masticatory muscles and computer(More)
The motor function of the human stomach and starvation activity of dogs were investigated after their exposure to accelerations of various values and duration. Inhibition of the motor function of the stomach and alteration in the periodicity pattern were found. The alteration included suppression of hungry contractions, development of continuous motor(More)
Interpreting non-targeted metabolomics data remains a challenging task. Signals from non-targeted metabolomics studies stem from a combination of biological causes, complex interactions between them and experimental bias/noise. The resulting data matrix usually contain huge number of variables and only few samples, and classical techniques using nonlinear(More)
Visual evoked potentials (VEP) in response to reverse chess patterns were studied in 68 patients aged 7-14 years with pathological convolutions of internal carotid arteries and 25 healthy children. The latent period was increased and the amplitude of P100 peak decreased in the patients, which was indicative of dysfunction of the visual route. VEP changed at(More)
The paper proposes a distributed system for detecting the types of biological contaminants existing on ob-jects' surfaces. The system implements biofouling detection method based on an image processing technique. The system processes a series of object images obtained in the visible and near infrared spectral ranges. One image in the series is marked as a(More)
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