Kirill Ivanov

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In this paper we present the approach of introducing thesaurus knowledge into probabilistic topic models. The main idea of the approach is based on the assumption that the frequencies of semantically related words and phrases, which are met in the same texts, should be enhanced: this action leads to their larger contribution into topics found in these(More)
X-ray absorption and resonant X-ray emission measurements at the O 1s edge of the uranium oxides UO2, U3O8 and UO3 are presented. The spectral shapes of the O Kα X-ray emission spectra of UO3 exhibit significant excitation energy dependence, from an asymmetric to a symmetric form, which differs from those of UO2 and U3O8. This energy dependence is(More)
Neurofeedback training is one type of the biofeedback training that allows the subject do self-regulation during the training according to his/her real-time brain activities recognized from Electroencephalogram (EEG) and given to him/her through visual, audio or haptic feedback. The Neurofeedback training has been proved to be helpful in improvement of(More)
Bacterial succession in soil was studied for two variants of initiation (moistening and moistening with addition of glucose). To determine the numbers of viable gram-negative bacteria, the modified nalidixic acid method was applied. The numbers of gram-negative bacteria revealed by this method were 2 to 3.5 times higher than those determined by the(More)
XPS determination of the oxygen coefficient kO = 2 + x and ionic (U(4+), U(5+), and U(6+)) composition of oxides UO2+x formed on the surfaces of differently oriented (hkl) planes of thin UO2 films on LSAT (Al10La3O51Sr14Ta7) and YSZ (yttria-stabilized zirconia) substrates was performed. The U 4f and O 1s core-electron peak intensities as well as the U 5f(More)
At present time Robotic observatory making is of current importance. Having a large field of view and being able to point at anywhere, Robotic astronomical systems are indispensable when they looking for transients like grb, supernovae explosions, novae etc, as its impossible in these cases to foresee what you should point you telescope at and when. In work(More)
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