Kirill Garanzha

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A recently developed algorithm called Hierachical Linear Bounding Volume Hierarchies (HLBVH) has demonstrated the feasibility of reconstructing the spatial index needed for ray tracing in real-time, even in the presence of millions of fully dynamic triangles. In this work we present a simpler and faster variant of HLBVH, where all the complex book-keeping(More)
We present a novel approach to ray tracing execution on commodity graphics hardware using CUDA. We decompose a standard ray tracing algorithm into several data-parallel stages that are mapped efficiently to the massively parallel architecture of modern GPUs. These stages include: ray sorting into coherent packets, creation of frustums for packets,(More)
We present an efficient algorithm for building an adaptive bounding volume hierarchy (BVH) in linear time on commodity graphics hardware using CUDA. BVHs are widely used as an acceleration data structure to quickly ray trace animated polygonal scenes. We accelerate the construction process with auxiliary grids that help us build high quality BVHs with SAH(More)
Increased demand for global illumination, image based-lighting and simplified workflow have pushed raytracing into mainstream. Many rendering and simulation algorithms that were considered strictly offline are becoming more interactive on massively parallel GPUs. Unfortunately, the amount of available memory on modern GPUs is relatively small. Scenes for(More)
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