Kirill E. Nikolaev

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Trematode sporocysts and rediae reproduce by parthenogenesis, forming clonal groups in the molluscan host. It has recently become popular to consider these groups as eusocial colonies, with division(More)
In this study parasitological data were analyzed by different methods of revealing the structure of time series, namely auto-correlation analysis (ACA), Fourier spectrum analysis (SA) and singular(More)
Infectivity of Himasthla elongata cercariae to mussels, their second intermediate hosts, and resistance by these hosts to infection were assessed on the basis of the cercariae's ability to encyst in(More)
Infection of mussels Mytilus edulis L. by 2 trematode species was studied in a natural intertidal population in the Chupa inlet of the White Sea. The prevalence of metacercariae of Himasthla elongata(More)
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