Kirill Batmanov

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With the continuous expansion of single cell biology, the observation of the behaviour of individual cells over extended durations and with high accuracy has become a problem of central importance. Surprisingly, even for yeast cells that have relatively regular shapes, no solution has been proposed that reaches the high quality required for long-term(More)
For models of cell-to-cell communication, with many reactions and species per cell, the computational cost of stochastic simulation soon becomes intractable. Deterministic methods, while computationally more efficient, may fail to contribute reliable approximations for those models. In this paper, we suggest a reduction for models of cell-to-cell(More)
For decades, scientists have sought to elucidate self-organized patterning during development of higher organisms. It has been shown that cell interaction plays a key role in this process. One example is the community effect, an interaction among undifferentiated cells. The community effect allows cell population to forge a common identity, that is,(More)
This report documents the program and the outcomes of the Seminar 11151 ‘Formal Methods in Molecular Biology’ that took place in Dagstuhl, Germany, on 10.–15. April, 2011. The most recent advances in Systems Biology were discussed, as well as and the contribution of computational formalisms to the modeling of biological systems, with the focus on(More)
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