Kiril M. Alexiev

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Digital computer simulation is a valuable tool, used for the design, analysis, and testing of complex systems whose behavior cannot be easily evaluated by means of analysis. Simulation includes three main steps, as follows: input data generation, modeling of examined system and performance evaluation with proper visualization. By their very nature, radar(More)
Theoretically the most powerful approach for tracking multiple targets is known to be Multiple Hypothesis Tracking (MHT) method. The MHT method, however, leads to combinatorial explosion and computational overload. By using an algorithm for finding the Kbest assignments, MHT approach can be considerably optimized in terms of computational load. A much(More)
Two algorithms for hypothesis generation in Multiple Target Tracking (MTT) with Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter (JPDAF) have been developed and compared. The known Depth First Search (DFS) algorithm has been used as base approach. Some worst case examples have been used to compare effectiveness of the two program implementations in C++. The(More)
By far, the most complicated case in target tracking is to track multiple maneuvering targets in heavy clutter. Numerous methods and algorithms have been devoted to this problem and for any one of them pros and cons can be pointed out. Theoretically, for example, the MHT method is known to be the most powerful approach to tracking multiple maneuvering(More)
The main goal of the proposed in this paper tool is diagnostic quality enhancement by improving the images of the ultrasound scan using parallel computer processing. Many advanced algorithms for speckle noise filtering, image segmentation and texture analysis are implemented and coded to run in parallel. The physician receives several output images with(More)
In a digital optical imaging system, image resolution is constrained by several factors, including focus plane array pitch and optics. Super-resolution approaches aim at overcoming some of these limits by incorporating additional information of the object and/or combining several pictures of the same object, taken with some displacements between each other.(More)
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