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This paper presents a VoIP packet loss model applicable to wireless access transmission media and usable for determination of admissible call number threshold value. The main contribution is a more realistic approach for VoIP packet loss evaluation. The known bufferless fluid-flow method is applied but a new simple exact formula for ACT voice packets loss(More)
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This paper presents a comparison of four representative discretization methods from different classes to be used with so called PGN-classifier which deals with categorical data. We examine which of them supplies more convenient discretization for PGN Classification Method. The experiments are provided on the base of UCI repository data sets. The comparison(More)
—This paper presents a VoIP traffic model applicable to wireless access transmission media, which is usable for determination of admissible call number threshold value. The main observation is the influence of Voice Activity Detection function and Comfort Noise Generation in particular. The CAC threshold value determination is based on a fluid-flow approach(More)
Admission control is a key issue for quality of service (QoS) provisioning in both wired and wireless communication networks. The call admission control (CAC) algorithm needs to know the source traffic characteristics and the required performance in order to determine whether the connection can be accepted or not and , if accepted, the amount of network(More)
Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is an innovative technology that deploys virtualized “cloud native” functionality into the radio access network. The communications between applications and MEC services are designed according to the principles of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The aim is to re-use existing interfaces as much as possible. In(More)
The popular technologies Wi-Fi and WiMAX for realization of WLAN and WMAN respectively are much different, but they could compliment each other providing competitive wireless access for voice traffic. The article develops the idea of WLAN/WMAN (Wi-Fi/WiMAX) integration. WiMAX is offering a backup for the traffic overflowing from Wi-Fi cells located into the(More)
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