Kirell Benzi

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The study of brain dynamics enables us to characterize the time-varying functional connectivity among distinct neural groups. However, current methods suffer from the absence of structural connectivity information. We propose to integrate infra-slow neural oscillations and anatomical-connectivity maps, as derived from functional and diffusion MRI, in a(More)
This work formulates a novel song recommender system as a matrix completion problem that benefits from collaborative filtering through Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) and content-based filtering via total variation (TV) on graphs. The graphs encode both playlist proximity information and song similarity, using a rich combination of audio, meta-data(More)
Graphs are now ubiquitous in almost every field of research. Recently, new research areas devoted to the analysis of graphs and data associated to their vertices have emerged. Focusing on dynamical processes, we propose a fast, robust, and scalable framework for retrieving and analyzing recurring patterns of activity on graphs. Our method relies on a novel(More)
ABSTRACT Wikipedia is the biggest ever created encyclopedia and the fifth most visited website in the world. Tens of millions of people surf it every day, seeking answers to various questions. Collective user activity on the pages leaves publicly available footprints of human behavior, making Wikipedia a great source of the data for largescale analysis of(More)
We introduce the Free Music Archive (FMA), an open and easily accessible dataset which can be used to evaluate several tasks in music information retrieval (MIR), a field concerned with browsing, searching, and organizing large music collections. The community’s growing interest in feature and end-to-end learning is however restrained by the limited(More)
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