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In this study, two novel first-order all-pass filters are proposed using only one grounded resistor and one grounded capacitor along with a fully differential current conveyor (FDCCII). There is no element-matching restriction. The presented all-pass filter circuits can be made electronically tunable due to the electronic resistors. Furthermore , the(More)
Shadows appear in remote sensing images due to elevated objects. Shadows cause hindrance to correct feature extraction of image features like buildings ,towers etc. in urban areas it may also cause false color tone and shape distortion of objects, which degrades the quality of images. Hence, it is important to segment shadow regions and restore their(More)
This paper proposes an edge preserving filter for removal of impulse noise. Digital images received from various sources are often degraded due to impulse noise and thus become unsuitable for further processing. To overcome this degradation removal of impulse noise is very important. In this paper an effective and efficient method of impulse noise removal(More)
In this paper two new high input-impedance voltage-mode first order all-pass filters are proposed. The first proposed circuit uses two DVCCs as the active elements, one floating capacitor and one grounded resistor as the passive elements. Due to grounded resistor the phase of the filter is electronically tunable. The second circuit requires two DVCCs as the(More)
A new configuration for realizing high input impedance voltage-mode biquadratic filters with two inputs and one output is presented. The proposed configuration uses two second generation current con-veyors (CCII's) of different polarity, two resistors, and two capacitors. The present configuration is capable of realizing band pass (BP), all pass (AP), and(More)
Two voltage-mode multi-phase sinusoidal oscillators are realized in this paper using dual output second generation current conveyors as active elements and with some passive elements. The topology of proposed oscillator-I is a non-inverting band-pass filter and a unity gain feedback circuit. The proposed oscillator-II realizes a voltage mode oscillator and(More)
— In this paper, the probable range of the horizontal component of peak ground acceleration (PGA) is predicted as a function of focal depth, earthquake magnitude and epicentral distance, using artificial neural network (ANN). Three different ANN architectures (namely Feed Forward, Back Propagation and Radial Bias Networks) are used to develop the model. The(More)
This paper proposes a N<inf>8</inf>(p) detail preserving adaptive filter for impulse noise removal. Impulse noise degrade the digital images due to which these images cannot be used for high level processing. Thus, image restoration becomes important. In this paper an effective and efficient method of impulse noise removal is proposed which not only removes(More)