Kirat K Chand

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KEY POINTS Neuromuscular junctions from β2-laminin-deficient mice exhibit lower levels of calcium sensitivity. Loss of β2-laminin leads to a failure in switching from N- to P/Q-type voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC)-mediated transmitter release that normally occurs with neuromuscular junction maturation. The motor nerve terminals from(More)
Synaptic basal lamina such as laminin-421 (α4β2γ1) mediate differentiation of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ). Laminins interact with their pre- or postsynaptic receptors to provide stability and alignment of the pre- to postsynaptic specializations. Knockout of the laminin-α4 gene (lama4) does not alter gross NMJ morphogenesis. However, mice deficient in(More)
Disruption to the maternal environment during pregnancy from events such as hypoxia, stress, toxins, inflammation, and reduced placental blood flow can affect fetal development. Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is commonly caused by chronic placental insufficiency, interrupting supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus resulting in abnormal fetal(More)
Ticks are important vectors of pathogens and secreted neurotoxins with approximately 69 out of 692 tick species having the ability to induce severe toxicoses in their hosts. The Australian paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is known to be one of the most virulent tick species producing a flaccid paralysis and fatalities caused by a family of neurotoxins(More)
Seizures are a common manifestation of hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury in the neonate. In status epilepticus models alterations to GABAA R subunit expression have been suggested to contribute to (i) abnormal development of the GABAergic system, (ii) why seizures become self-sustaining and (iii) the development of pharmacoresistance. Detailed investigation of(More)
Laminin-α4 is involved in the alignment of active zones to postjunctional folds at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ). Prior study has implicated laminin-α4 in NMJ maintenance, with altered NMJ morphology observed in adult laminin-α4 deficient mice (lama4-/-). The present study further investigated the role of laminin-α4 in NMJ maintenance by functional(More)
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