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Deduplication technologies are increasingly being deployed to reduce cost and increase space-efficiency in corporate data centers. However, prior research has not applied deduplication techniques inline to the request path for latency sensitive, primary workloads. This is primarily due to the extra latency these techniques introduce. Inherently,(More)
Enterprise-class server appliances such as network-attached storage systems or network routers can benefit greatly from virtualization technologies. However, current inter-VM communication techniques have significant performance overheads when employed between highly-collaborative appliance components, thereby limiting the use of virtualization in such(More)
1 Motivation Today's Internet services are commonly built over TCP [5], the standard Internet connection-oriented reliable transport protocol. The endpoint naming scheme of TCP, based on network layer (IP) addresses, creates an implicit binding between a service and the IP address of a server providing it, throughout the lifetime of a client connection.(More)
RAID storage systems protect data from storage errors, such as data corruption, using a set of one or more integrity techniques, such as checksums. The exact protection offered by certain techniques or a combination of techniques is sometimes unclear. We introduce and apply a formal method of analyzing the design of data protection strategies. Specifically,(More)
Enterprise storage systems are facing enormous challenges due to increasing growth and heterogeneity of the data stored. Designing future storage systems requires comprehensive insights that existing trace analysis methods are ill-equipped to supply. In this paper, we seek to provide such insights by using a new methodology that leverages an objective,(More)
Thesis Director: Liviu Iftode We propose a transport layer protocol designed for building highly available Internet network services. The transport layer protocol would provide a mechanism to transparently migrate the server endpoint of a live connection. The connection migration is dynamic and can happen multiple times during a client-service session. Our(More)
The ability to simultaneously quantitate cocaine and its 12 metabolites from pregnant rat blood, amniotic fluid, placental and fetal tissue homogenates aids in elucidating the metabolism and distribution of cocaine. An efficient extraction method was developed to simultaneously recover these 13 components using underivatized silica solid-phase extraction(More)